On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee

On Food and Cooking, the Science and Lore of the Kitchen is the ultimate foodie bible.  This book takes the mystery out of the chemistry of cooking. But isn’t just about chemistry, it is about the general effects and history of food. Harold digs in deep and explores the hows and whys of our food.

This book is said to have been the impetus to the current “molecular gastronomy” movement in food today.

Maybe you won’t read it cover to cover, but you will certainly refer to it regularly…especially when you mess up something like bread dough!

It makes a great gift..for you or any other intellectual foodie! Enjoy!

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About the Author

An aspiring cook and an accomplished eater, Tara is inspired by the world around her and the food on her plate. "When you can't jump on a plane and take a vacation to an exotic destination, chances are you can whip up a dish or go to a restaurant that will take you there." says Tara. She often eats out at a restaurant after trying to accomplish a given dish at home. None the less, she enjoys food and what it says about the human experience. Tara is a full-time freelance writer and blogger. She specializes in writing about food, cooking and travel. You can find her in the kitchen, on the plane or at her computer.