My dirty foodie secret

I can’t help it. Sometimes, I just like junk food. Some of my craving is positively white trash, some of it is just doesn’t jive with “foodie” or even “amateur cook”.

Last week, while I was holed up in my dark neighborhood bar, hiding in a corner, I realized, I should just share it and let it go. So here it is: my top three dirty foodie confessions.

Spicy and wet...sounds like an adult movie.

Buffalo Wings: Ohhhhhhh, yes, my hot and spicy companion. I eat you more often than I care to admit. Ordered “hot and wet” with a side of blue cheese, you never fail to make a mockery of neatness or a later calling for the Tums. And yet – I indulge wallow in your messy, crispy goodness. With pride I wear that sauce smudge on my face as I reluctantly clean my hands like a civilized person: with a napkin.

Velvetta gooey goodness

Velvetta Grilled Cheese: Though I even won a basket FULL of Wisconsin Cheese (I am a Wisconsin girl always) for my Grilled Cheese Trio…in truth, my dirty secret is Velveeta grilled cheese..often with tomato soup from the can. THE CAN. Oh, what can I say, Velvetta’s gooey warmth reminds me of childhood and is much easier to bring home than my Mom. As for tomato soup in the can, I beg no pardon. I did, however, recently discover that tomato soup in the BOX is even better than the can. See? Old dogs can learn new tricks.

street food

Anything out of a cart, truck, shack or trailor: I loved this kind of food before it came out of the ghetto and into Orange County. Seriously, I got a taste for it buying tacos and ice cream from a man with a cart when my start-up business WAS in the ghetto and across from the jail.  I also love a good hot dog right off the street – you know the kind where you wonder how long its been simmering in that opaque water. “Consider it an adventure with mustard,” that’s what I say!  At Oahu’s North Shore, I sneak off to Romy’s for Prawns and Garlic, surrounded by hot sweaty mix of tourists and surfers. I don’t even care that I wait 45 minutes AFTER my 45 minute wait to order. Street food just rocks. Beach food rocks too.

C’mon. Tell me yours. Use a pseudonym if you have too, but consider this blog your foodie confessional…whose first?!

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About Tara DeWitt Coomans

An aspiring cook and an accomplished eater, Tara is inspired by the world around her and the food on her plate. "When you can't jump on a plane and take a vacation to an exotic destination, chances are you can whip up a dish or go to a restaurant that will take you there." says Tara. She often eats out at a restaurant after trying to accomplish a given dish at home. None the less, she enjoys food and what it says about the human experience. Tara is a full-time freelance writer and blogger. She specializes in writing about food, cooking and travel. You can find her in the kitchen, on the plane or at her computer.