Sexy foods to share with your Valentine: Fruits

What is it really, that makes fruits so sexy? Is it their ripe bulbous shapes? The sensuous, invitingly moist textures? The not-too-sweet-but-sugary sticky juices? Whatever it is, ask about sexy foods and eventually a very seductive description of fruit will come up. I recently asked people about sexy foods on the food board, and some of the anonymous and erotic responses about fruit had me dumping ice water over my head to cool down. Jackie Collins has got nothing on these folks. For so many of us food=passion. Period.

Perhaps the great thing about these fruits is that they can be combined many ways to share with your lover, the #1 entry of fondue comes to mind. In the middle of the dark winter, the bright sassy colors invigorate a gray cold day and practically scream “SEX” because of the alluring promise of moist warmth.

A bunch of sexy fruits come to mind. Here are my favorites: fruit worth sharing

#5 Sexy Food: Papaya

Although not traditionally considered an aphrodisiac in the USA, Guatemalans use this sexy fruit to increase female libido as well as hormone levels for fertility purposes. If, after this posting becomes the most popular. ever.  there is a sudden population explosion among my readers, I shall thank the papaya. Its feminine shape is inviting, its pregnant heft, welcoming. The glossy nubile seeds invite deeper exploration; sometimes, looking at their shining mass, I blush from the intimacy. The pinky-orange interior is erotically supple. Should you be lucky, it might even still hold the warmth of the sun which ripened it. I love the natural chemistry irony that makes papaya even more alluring: the sweetness of the papaya is enhanced with a splash of lemon or lime. It also seems to further soften the fruit, although I recommend a spoon, you could probably scoop it out with your fingers. mmmm…maybe THAT’s what makes the papaya even sexier yet

#6 Peaches

alluring peaches..

From the very start, the soft downy texture of the peach speaks temptingly to a forbidden invitation. The curvy exterior evokes the curves of a voluptuous woman’s body.  And the first bite offers a tease of resistance to its sticky nectar.  The deep ruby colored beacons fertility; its no wonder that the ancient Chinese considered the peach tree the  “tree of life”.

Peaches symbolize warm summer nights to me. Despite never having had the luxury of a peach tree, it just reminds me of lazying around during the innocence of summer. Maybe I should go plant a peach tree and see if my summer nights seem more indulgent.

One of my favorite ways to share peaches is simple: milk, honey and peaches. Its a deceptively elegant dessert that doesn’t leave you feeling tired.

#7 Pomegranates

bursting with excitement - the pomegranate

bursting with excitement - the pomegranate

The luscious wine colored interior of the Pom doesn’t give it away too easily. The hard callused exterior doesn’t belay the sweetness inside; bursting with excitement, the seeds dare exploration, one by supple one. The glossy seeds pop only with the right coaxing and their sweet/sour flavor provides a foil to the sticky expectations of the interior.   Like the papaya, the pregnant seeds, plump with juice, conjure flagrant images; Aphrodite herself revered the Pomegranate as an aphrodisiac. While I think its sexy, I also think the pomegranate is flirtatious. The pomegranate’s playfulness, the sticky mess and the mischievous stain-inducing bright crimson color taunts the uptight. It practically dares you to make a mess and enjoy it! Someday I will tell you about the first time I attacked a pomegranate, or rather, was victimized by said fruit. For now, suffice to say, I have forgiven this luscious beauty.

For a super sexy treat, add pomegranate seeds to chocolate mouse, the varied textures – smooth airy mousse is the perfect pillow for an unexpected flavor POP and contrasting sweet and sour flavors which wake up the tongue!

I bet my super fantastic readers can even come up with more fruit suggestions about sexy food! Fruits are indeed, a special kind of indulgence and indulgence is sexy. Color is sexy. Sweet and sticky is sexy. Hope your Valentines Week is FRUITful!

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