5 food movies worth watching

So long Top Chef, adios food TV. Well, not quite Anthony Bourdain is still rocking it and the new Bravo show Chef Academy has some potential..but still…you crave more culinary entertainment and during the darkest days of winter, pre-and post holiday meals deserve more, seconds even.

So, without further adieu…5 foodie movies I’ll be watching (again) over the next couple of weeks.

Julie and Julia

Let’s just get it out of the way, foodies are still talking about it, plus its a great movie. Bloggers (eh-em) unite behind Julie as she traverses every single recipe in Julie Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Meanwhile, all cooks (bloggers or not) watch with reverence as Julia Child’s finds herself and her career to accend as America’s first food television star. A movie that even non-foodies will appreciate.

Food Inc.

Perhaps you’ll want to watch it immediately before your New Year’s resolution takes place. This uncomfortable and at times, gross, documentary about how we eat in America, how food arrives at our plates and who is behind may have you running to your local farmer’s market and quivering behind a giant watermelon.  Given the recent news about Monstanto, this movie takes on an even more urgent message. The New York Times said it best: “the movie takes a look at the animal abuse in industrial food production — including clandestine images of sick and crippled cows being prodded to join the rest of the ill-fated herd — but its main focus is on the human cost.” That isn’t to say there isn’t some humor in the movie, because there are some scenes that will have you chuckling at the very least. Its a movie that everyone should see, most of all, those of us who proclaim our love for the food we eat.

A Walk in the Clouds

This totally underrated movie is as much about love as it is how erotic (in a good, clean way) food can be. You’ll catch a glimpse of the actor Keanu Reeves could have been in the lush beauty of a the vineyard backdrop. Yes, its a love story. Yes, its a chick-flick. But really, who HASN’T wished to be in the sticky sweetness of grape juice on a golden California afternoon falling in passionate love?


Try not to be angry that the rat-star of this now-classic Pixar film is a better chef than you. Don’t be grossed out about rats in the kitchen, its Pixar, those are the cleanest most adorable rats ever. If this movie doesn’t make you dig out your Grandmother’s recipe for her classic, rustic ratatouille, then your probably as soul-less as the food critic in the film.

Like Water for Chocolate

Longing. What foodie doesn’t know what that feels like? Two forbidden lovers express their desire and passion for one another through food. Even if you don’t “get into” their love affair, you’ll probably be hungry after the film and maybe even inspired to cook a beautiful meal filled with love.

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About Tara DeWitt Coomans

An aspiring cook and an accomplished eater, Tara is inspired by the world around her and the food on her plate. "When you can't jump on a plane and take a vacation to an exotic destination, chances are you can whip up a dish or go to a restaurant that will take you there." says Tara. She often eats out at a restaurant after trying to accomplish a given dish at home. None the less, she enjoys food and what it says about the human experience. Tara is a full-time freelance writer and blogger. She specializes in writing about food, cooking and travel. You can find her in the kitchen, on the plane or at her computer.